söndag 12 juni 2011

Why we love POC

POC is a manufacurer with a clear concept in mind. It's all about the safety of the skier. That's why we think that a piece of POC equipment is a great investment. Whether it's goggles, helmets or other safety gear.

With a pair of POC Cornea you're always safe as far vision goes. Think about it!

onsdag 25 maj 2011

Buy POC Cornea

Get ready for next season! If you're looking for POC Cornea there's you can buy them right away. If you feel like waiting that's OK too, but I'm still going to tell you about one of the best online stores out there for you POC lovers. It spells Snowandmotion. Don't you forget it!

So now you know one of the stores. I'll keep updating with good tips regarding POC:s range and especially my favourite POC goggles; POC Cornea. Come back whenever you like!

torsdag 19 maj 2011

POC Cornea

Welcome to POCcornea.com! I'm here to tell you about the goggles from POC with the same name. POC Cornea is the result of true innovative skills. For one, POC Cornea is one of few goggles, where you attach the lenses outside of the frame. This enlarges you're entire field of view, and that's just one of the features on POC Cornea. But that's not it, a view doesn't need to be large if your vision is of poor quality. POC Cornea can't correct your vision, but they always lets you and your eyes perform as they should, thanks to the injected cylindrical PC Screen. I know what you're thinking next: How about that annoying fog? Well, POC Cornea uses an inner lens in CP, laminated exactly parallel to the outer lens, which avoids that irritating steam. Besides that, POC Cornea always sit comfortable on your face and that's as important as anything. Now we're getting in to the technical stuff. POC Cornea isn't like any goggle out there. I'm going to take you though some lens options for POC Cornea so you know what to chose. VLT – Visible Light Transmission – is a measurement that specifies the amount of light reaching your eyes. I'm not going to get all scientific about this, but a pair of all round lenses usually has a VLT of 30%-60%. A dark, mirrored lens for sunny conditions usually lays around 90% as a comparison. POC Cornea's different lenses ranges between 10%-45%, in colours black, grey, brown, red and green. The different POC Cornea lenses fills different functions. Here's the good part: Just pick a pair of POC Cornea frames that matches your personal style, then pick out the number of POC Cornea lenses you need. They're interchangeable so just fire away! I'm going to publish some POC Cornea news here on the blog so keep an eye open. Later on, I'll tell you the best way to find them!